OAC's Convention Scholarship Fund

The Convention Scholarship Fund is made possible through the generous support of individuals and sponsors. We will continue to accept funds from individuals and companies who wish to donate so we can build this fund and offer a higher number of scholarships in the future.

The OAC’s Convention Scholarship Fund is an ongoing designated fund within the Obesity Action Coalition, designed to bring high-quality education to under-served individuals actively seeking the right information on obesity, weight and health. The Scholarship Fund provides grants to individuals-in-need to fund or offset the expenses of attending the Your Weight Matters National Convention, through the Convention Scholarship Program. This specially designated Scholarship Fund is subsidized exclusively by the generosity of individual donations, making it possible for individuals to access evidence-based education and gain valuable knowledge they may not otherwise receive, regardless of any financial hardships they may face.

How Can You Help!

By paying-it-forward and helping under-served individuals get access to the education that can only be found at the Convention, you're making a lasting impact on their lives. No matter the amount you're able to give, you will play an integral part in an individual's journey.

Help us make it a reality that individuals with a desire to learn more about their weight and health are able to attend future Your Weight Matters National Convention.

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If you have any questions about the Convention Scholarship Program, please contact the OAC directly at (800) 717-3117 or convention@obesityaction.org.