The Your Weight Matters National Convention is a 3-day educational event designed to bring together individuals concerned with weight and health to learn from world renowned experts evidence-based weight management strategies. The entire weekend is devoted to presenting a comprehensive agenda, comprised of diverse weight-related topics such as nutrition, exercise, treatment options, and much more. Most importantly, these topics will give you the RIGHT tools to be successful in your lifelong journey with weight. We know attending this Convention is a leap of faith for many, but, rest assured, we strive to create an environment free from judgment, ridicule and weight bias; and a place that cultivates the respect that every individual deserves on all levels, regardless of their size, treatment decision or journey.

Throughout the last five years, the educational sessions have been designed to meet a variety of needs: whether you're interested in the basics, want to cut through the often-confusing health information out there, are looking to advance your knowledge about weight and how it can affect health, are currently involved in a weight management program, are a post-op bariatric surgery patient or are a support-person to someone who is affected. Every individual that attends will go home with knowledge to help in the journey.

If you want to see the valuable education that is presented at our Annual Convention, check out some of the previously presented educational sessions and recap from past Conventions!

Highly Acclaimed Educational Sessions from Past Conventions

YWM2015: It Takes A Village — The Importance of a
Team Approach in Tackling Post-Surgery Weight Gain

It's not just about losing weight — weight management following bariatric surgery can be just as important when meeting your weight-loss goals. Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Stegemann moderates a panel discussion about the importance of having a team when tackling weight regain.

YWM2015: Get Off the Yo-Yo Diet Roller Coaster

There are two people inside us: the health nut and the wild child. In this talk, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD, LDN, shares tips for how you can get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster, and think about some new rules for healthy, happy living.

YWM2014: Tools in the Toolbox:
Finding the Weight-loss Option that is Best for You

The landscape of obesity treatment is changing and today you can choose from an array of obesity medications, different bariatric surgical procedures, countless diets and programs, and more. Get the big picture in this overview of evidence-based options available to improve your health.

YWM2014: Vision is Vital:
Challenging Falsely Acquired Thoughts

Deciphering between the truths of others can cloud our ability to see our own reality. Holding onto the things that weigh us down can create debilitating physical "FAT" and emotional Falsely Acquired Thoughts (F.A.T.) Change the brain, change the body, and find out how to fight "F.A.T." for real.

YWM2013: Weighing Success beyond the Scale:
Identifying and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Your health is made up of more than just a number on a scale. Dr. Gary Foster leads this session and provides you with an understanding of all the benefits of weight-loss beyond the scale. In this session, Dr. Foster shares tools to help you stay on track after significant weight-loss and also helps you understand how to balance your weight-loss expectations and goals.

YWM2013: Understanding and Managing Food Addiction

There are many contributors that may impact an individual's weight. Someone affected by excess weight or obesity may be impacted by behavioral, environmental and genetic factors. Food addiction is a common, but complicated issue to understand. In this session, Dr. Nicole Avena will help you understand the behavioral components of food addiction and provide you with the tools needed to effectively manage it.

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Yearly Recaps from Past Conventions: 2012-2016


Check-out these storify recaps from YWM2016 in Washington, DC, where we welcomed a record-breaking crowd of more than 600 attendees from all around the country!


YWM2015 was held August 13-16 in San Antonio, TX and welcomed 575 attendees, comprised of a diverse group of attendees from around the United States and a few from around the world. To learn more about YWM2015, CLICK HERE.


YWM2014 was held September 25-28 in Orlando, Florida and welcomed more than 500 attendees for an amazing weekend of education and community! To learn more about YWM2014, CLICK HERE.


YWM2013 was held in Phoenix on August 15-18. The Convention welcomed more than 370 individuals from more than 32 states nationwide. To learn more about YWM2013, please CLICK HERE.


YWM2012 was the Inaugural year for the Your Weight Matters Convention, held October 25-28 in Dallas, TX. We were proud to welcome 275 attendees in our first-year! To see more from YWM2012, CLICK HERE.