The Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO is a 3-day educational event designed to bring together individuals concerned with weight and health to learn from world renowned experts science-based weight management strategies. The entire weekend is devoted to presenting a comprehensive agenda, comprised of diverse weight-related topics such as nutrition, exercise, treatment options, and much more. Most importantly, these topics will give you the RIGHT tools to be successful in your lifelong journey with weight. We know attending this Convention is a leap of faith for many, but, rest assured, we strive to create an environment free from judgment, ridicule and weight bias; and a place that cultivates the respect that every individual deserves on all levels, regardless of their size, treatment decision or journey.

If you want to see the valuable education that is presented at our Annual Convention, check out some of the previously presented educational sessions and recap from past Conventions!

Highly Acclaimed Educational Sessions from Past Conventions

YWM2017: Event Welcome – The Power of Coming Together: The Harm of Accepting Weight Bias

The official kick-off to the OAC’s 2017 Your Weight Matters National Convention! Hear OAC Chairwoman Amber Huett-Garcia, MPA and Convention Chair Michelle Vicari talk about the power of support systems and being a part of the OAC Community.

Then, hear from Dr. Scott Kahan about the WHY and HOW we should stand up to weight bias which affects our health in many different ways.

YWM2017: Health by Design – I Lost Weight, Now How Do I Keep it Off?

Entering the weight maintenance phase can be exciting, but it can be a bit scary, too. One of your first thoughts may likely be, “How do I keep if off and not gain t back!” Dr. Bob Kushner and Dr. Scott Kahan ease your worries and tell you what the research shows.

Most importantly, however, they provide you with tools to help you along your weight management journey so you can best stay on-track to continue celebrating your successes!

YWM2016: A Hands-on Approach to Nutrition

There is no doubt that the world of nutrition can be difficult to navigate. This session gives you hands-on and practical nutrition advice to help you in your journey to improved health. You will hear from three dynamic nutrition experts who will provide you with the essentials in nutrition, how to understand all of the nutrient trends out there and how to apply this knowledge in your home environment.

YWM2016: Reimaging the World in Which We Live – Advocating for Health

What role does the environment play in the obesity epidemic? Dr. Scott Kahan will tell you – a major one. In this session, Dr. Kahan will explore the role that our environment has played in helping to shape the obesity epidemic. But, more importantly. he will illustrate how you as an individual can work to create change in your own community through a little education and a lot of action!

YWM2015: It Takes A Village — The Importance of a Team Approach in Tackling Post-Surgery Weight Gain

It’s not just about losing weight — weight management following bariatric surgery can be just as important when meeting your weight-loss goals. Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Stegemann moderates a panel discussion about the importance of having a team when tackling weight regain.

YWM2015: Get Off the Yo-Yo Diet Roller Coaster

There are two people inside us: the health nut and the wild child. In this talk, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD, LDN, shares tips for how you can get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster, and think about some new rules for healthy, happy living.

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