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The Power of Coming Together

Just like a puzzle, your journey with weight and health is shaped by many different pieces – but the community that surrounds you is perhaps one of the most important parts! The OAC recognizes the power that support systems offer on this important journey, which is why we’re proud to launch the “Power of Coming Together” Photo/Video Campaign!

This year’s Convention theme is centered around Coming Together, so with this empowering message, we want to demonstrate unity in action with all of our supporters! The “Power of Coming Together” Photo/Video Campaign invites any individual to participate by sharing about those who are a part of their own weight management journey through the use of photos and videos.

Your photos/videos are intended to celebrate your support systems that help you strive toward better health each and every day. Maybe it’s your family, a friend or a significant other. Perhaps it’s an entire bariatric team or the people in your support group. It could even be a loved pet, a child or simply a person who inspires you to be healthier. Whoever is in YOUR community, we want you to celebrate them and showcase the power of coming together – now AND through YWM2017!

Submit Your Photos/Videos and Help the OAC Showcase the Power of Coming Together:

  1. Take a photo or video (or more than one!) that captures or represents your support system, or share some you already have. (If submitting a video, horizontal submissions work best. Please try to aim for less than two minutes and make sure all background/sound is clear and audible).
  2. Write a short caption (2-3 sentences) that explains how your submission(s) showcases the power of your support system.
  3. Share your photos/videos on social media and tag it with the official Convention hashtag - #YWM2017.
  4. Send us your photos/videos by emailing convention@obesityaction.org.

We’ll share your submissions on our special Pinterest Board and OAC social media channels so your photos/videos can be used to showcase the power of coming together! Be sure to include your first and last name, city/state, and indicate whether or not you would like your name to be published alongside your photo (you may choose to remain anonymous). Also, please make sure you have all rights to your specific photos and videos.  As a bonus, your photos/videos could even be featured onsite at YWM2017 – taking place this August 10-13 in New Orleans!

We look forward to seeing the pieces of YOUR journey and sharing with others the Power of Coming Together!

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If you have any questions about the “Power of Coming Together” Photo/Video Campaign, please email mstep@obesityaction.org.