Proudly Hosted in Conjunction with the
OAC’s 6th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention

The OAC is excited to offer YWM2017 attendees and the Greater New Orleans area the opportunity to experience the 2017 Your Weight Matters Healthy Living EXPO! The EXPO offers attendees access to invaluable tools, resources and products all under one roof. All registered OAC Convention attendees receive access to the EXPO Hall as part of their event registration.

As part of the OAC’s commitment to involve the community in this important effort, we are pleased to open-up our EXPO Hall doors to the general public on Saturday, August 12, as part of our Community Health Outreach Day, allowing free entry to any individual who wants to have access to the most reputable products and services in the industry.

If you are a local area resident, please stay tuned to receive more information about receiving a FREE EXPO Hall Pass for Saturday of the Convention. This pass provides access and exposure to quality education and vetted products/services that can you improve your weight, along with the opportunity to take part in a FREE Health Screening to assess your current health status.

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