The Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO is a 3-day educational event designed to bring together individuals concerned with weight and health to learn from world renowned experts science-based weight management strategies. The entire weekend is devoted to presenting a comprehensive agenda, comprised of diverse weight-related topics such as nutrition, exercise, treatment options, and much more. Most importantly, these topics will give you the RIGHT tools to be successful in your lifelong journey with weight. We know attending this Convention is a leap of faith for many, but, rest assured, we strive to create an environment free from judgment, ridicule and weight bias; and a place that cultivates the respect that every individual deserves on all levels, regardless of their size, treatment decision or journey.

If you want to see the valuable education that is presented at our Annual Convention, check out some of the previously presented educational sessions and recap from past Conventions!

Highly Acclaimed Educational Sessions from Past Conventions

YWM2018: Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

As if losing weight wasn’t already hard enough… now I have to deal with the difficulty of keeping it off, too? Unfortunately, your weight management journey doesn’t end when the number on the scale goes down. It takes a lifelong commitment to maintain your success – but why? Dr. Kevin Hall, expert research scientist from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will dive into the physiological aspects of our bodies that make weight-loss and weight maintenance so challenging. But, most importantly, he will provide you with practical tools to make long-lasting lifestyle changes that promote overall health and benefit your weight!

YWM2017: Health by Design – I Lost Weight, Now How Do I Keep it Off?

Entering the weight maintenance phase can be exciting, but it can be a bit scary, too. One of your first thoughts may likely be, “How do I keep if off and not gain t back!” Dr. Bob Kushner and Dr. Scott Kahan ease your worries and tell you what the research shows.

YWM2016: Energy In, Energy Out – Rethinking Balance

When we think about weight-loss, what are we talking about? Is it just about reducing the number calories we consume? Renowned exercise science expert, Dr. Steve Blair, would tell you that it’s not that simple. Too often the focus is solely on intake (what we consume) without regard to the importance of the calories we burn. This session will help you understand the energy balance equation and how you can implement small changes in your lifestyle to improve your long-term health in a variety of ways.

YWM2015: Get Off the Yo-Yo Diet Roller Coaster

There are two people inside us: the health nut and the wild child. In this talk, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD, LDN, shares tips for how you can get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster, and think about some new rules for healthy, happy living.

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