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The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a national non-profit that works towards making the world a better place for those affected by obesity. The OAC is the proud creator of the Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO. As an organization, they focus on:

  • Raising awareness
  • Improving access to the prevention and treatment of obesity
  • Providing evidence-based education on obesity and its treatments.
  • Fighting to eliminate weight bias and discrimination.
  • Offering a community of support for people affected.

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The OAC knows that the journey with weight can be challenging, which is why we provide everyone with an engaging action center, FREE educational resources and support. By getting connected and becoming a part of the OAC Community, you can receive all of that and more! Show me more about the OAC Community! 

There are a variety of ways to help advance the mission of the OAC. Your money will go immediately to work helping us to provide education to all those that need it, support for individuals living with obesity, various programs of awareness and advocacy, and initiatives to stop weight bias and discrimination. Please visit www.obesityaction.org/donate to help us create a better world for those living with obesity!

Change can’t happen without YOU! In order to create a better world for people living with obesity, we must fix the broken system that allows insurance companies to deny care and people to discriminate based on size or weight. OAC and its members advocate for expanded access to care and stopping weight bias, click here to get involved today!