About the 2014 National Convention Scholarship Program

The OAC wanted to make the Your Weight Matters National Convention a reality for any individual with a desire to learn more about their weight and health, and this includes those who may not have the financial means to cover all the costs associated with taking part in an in-person meeting. In response to the growth of the Convention, along with the need for individuals to have access to the right education about weight and health, the OAC proudly created the Convention Scholarship Program to award grants to fund or offset the associated expenses in attending the Convention.

In 2014, the Scholarship Program awarded 13 scholarships totaling more than $10,000 in assistance. The OAC would like to thank the Obesity Research Team at George Washington University for their time and objectiveness in reviewing all Convention Scholarship Applications. The OAC looks forward to continuing the Convention Scholarship Program next year!

Questions about the Convention Scholarship Program?
Please contact the OAC directly at (800) 717-3117 or