The OAC’s Commitment to Respect

The OAC’s Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO prides itself on creating a unique environment where any individual, regardless of where they are along their journey toward improved health, can come and learn, connect and get empowered. With this, the OAC is dedicated to ensuring that the environment our attendees experience at our Convention sticks to the core principles of our organization – a place free from judgment, ridicule and weight bias; and a place that cultivates the respect that every individual deserves on all levels, regardless of their size, treatment decision or journey.

In recognition of these important principles that we stand behind as an organization, the OAC has created a “Respect Pledge” that will be a predominant and all-encompassing theme for this year’s Convention and all future OAC events. Every individual who walks through our doors at this year’s meeting, and at all future OAC events, will be making this pledge to keep respect among fellow attendees a mandatory component to their participation.

Respect Pledge