Convention Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program AnnouncementThe OAC wants to make the Your Weight Matters National Convention a reality for any individual with a desire to learn more about their weight and health. The OAC is proud to offer the Convention Scholarship Program, an initiative designed to help individuals by awarding grants to fund or offset the associated expenses in attending the Convention.

The OAC believes in the high-quality education presented at the conference and the powerful impact that connecting in a community like ours can have on an individual’s life. While attending the OAC’s National Convention is a great investment in your health, we understand it is often a hardship for many who attend/wish to attend. The Convention Scholarship Program is designed to open the doors up to give any individual the ability to gain the knowledge they need, without letting the expense get in the way.

We are proud to announce that the 2018 Scholarship Application process will open on April 2!

Details and important dates may be found below:

  • Application Process Opens: Monday, April 2
  • Application Deadline: Monday, April 30
  • Application Third-party Review: Week of May 7
  • Application Status/Award Notifications Sent: No later than Monday, May 14

Each year, we are moved by the number of individuals who take the time to share themselves through their application, which shows the tremendous passion and need for education around weight and health topics that exists. We wish we could award every applicant, and it is our hope that we can build the Convention Scholarship Fund in the future to make it possible for all who wish to attend.

To date, the Convention Scholarship Program has awarded more than 50 scholarships to individuals who may not have the means otherwise to attend. It's important to note that the OAC receives more than $125,000 in requests each year, and we want to build our Scholarship Fund so that we can send more individuals to this unique meeting - and, we want YOUR help!

How Can You Help!

By paying-it-forward and helping under-served individuals get access to the education that can only be found at the Convention, you're making a lasting impact on their lives. No matter the amount you're able to give, you will play an integral part in an individual's journey. Help us make it a reality that individuals with a desire to learn more about their weight and health are able to attend future Your Weight Matters National Convention.

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If you have any questions about the Convention Scholarship Program, please contact the OAC directly at (800) 717-3117 or