About Your Weight Matters Engage Convention 2023

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The Obesity Action Coalition’s 12th annual Your Weight Matters Convention was a three-day, in-person event designed to equip attendees with the tools needed to take charge of their weight and health and shape a better world for people with obesity. More than 170 individuals from across the world came together for an inspirational weekend packed with science-based education, hands-on tools and, most notably, a community of unwavering support.

The theme of the YWM2023-Engage Convention was “The Power of Our Light,” presenting the pivotal question to attendees, “How will you use your light?” The goal of the weekend was for attendees to walk away knowing how they can leverage each of their unique strengths to make meaningful change for people living with obesity.

YWM2023-Engage Convention became a safe space for a Community like none other – a place where all can be treated with dignity and respect, without fear of judgment, and knowing every person in the room understood their pain and challenges.

Attendees left feeling empowered in their health journeys and energized to create a better world for people living with obesity, understanding that each one of us has a unique spark that has the power to illuminate the path ahead. The light within each of us has the potential to not only change our own lives but touch the lives of countless others.

YWM2023-Engage Convention proved that the OAC Community is an unstoppable force for change. Together, we will use the power of our collective light discovered during the Convention to ignite change for people with obesity across the world.