The Program Agenda Committee is responsible for crafting both the Your Weight Matters Engage (in-person) and Virtual Convention Educational Programs, along with selecting the speakers for each session. In keeping with our commitment to ensure the educational program is unbiased and directed at the goals and mission of the Convention, the committee begins the process by first assembling the educational program and then seeks out the speakers whose expertise best fits the scope of the session.

The OAC welcomes the interest in speaking at our events from all members and followers. All sessions submitted must appeal to a patient audience and should be directed at the everyday individual interested in science-based weight management strategies. In addition, all OAC Convention Speakers are selected based on their expertise and respective credentials, where applicable. Topic areas and speaker expertise needed include:

  • Science-based Treatment Options for Excess Weight and Obesity
  • Weight Maintenance Strategies
  • Post-surgical Care
  • Nutrition (general and surgical)
  • Mental Health
  • Exercise
  • Childhood Obesity and Family Health Strategies
  • Obesity-related Conditions

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