Carrie Brander helps weight loss surgery patients overcome the struggles that come before and after bariatric surgery. She’s the creator of Bariatric Lifeline Academy,  your online resource for losing, maximizing, and maintaining results. Her courses include The Pre-Surgery Shift and The 123 Method.

She’s the author of Bariatric Body, a 12-Month memoir after two weight loss surgeries where she details losing 100 pounds twice from Lap band to Gastric Sleeve. After going from one weight loss surgery to another, Carrie uses her experience to help others get transformational surgery results that last.

Carrie’s memoir is Amazon’s top 100 for Bariatrics, founder of local support group for patients, and creator of Bariatric Lifeline Fund.

Bariatric Body’s Website:

Use code YWM5 for 5% off both the Pre-Surgery Shift and The 123 Method online courses.

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