Wellness innovator Abby Lentz is a pioneer in developing a yoga system that can be done safely and effectively by people affected by obesity. Last year she created chair yoga that delivers the benefits of yoga for people unable to come to the floor.

Abby’s been practicing yoga for over 49 years and teaching since 2004. Featured in Prevention Magazine, Redbook, More Magazine and named to Fitness Magazine’s Fit 50 list, Abby has appeared as an expert panelist on the PBS Civic Summit on Obesity, as well as notable appearances on CNN, Better TV, and Great Day lifestyle shows.

Building upon her years of in-person teaching, Abby has extended her practice with live online Zoom classes and downloadable streaming videos on Vimeo. You can reach her at [email protected] or visit her website HeartFeltYoga.com

Now you are you can practice yoga with Abby live in public or private classes. Your first public class is FREE or you can schedule a half-priced private ($42.50). For zoom links or to schedule your private class contact Abby at [email protected].

Or practice with Abby’s award winning video classes on Vimeo — own them for half price when you use code YWM50. Click Here.

Email Abby to get your FREE gift of Abby’s “Demystifying Meditation” — Your key to a healthy yoga practice.