As the OAC’s 7th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention event draws closer, we are excited to announce that the full 2018 Convention Program Agenda is now LIVE – complete with detailed programming information, speaker bios, session times and more that were crafted with you in mind!

OAC CommunityThe OAC is dedicated to providing you with quality education, resources and inspiration each year at Convention. Every speaker and topic was chosen to offer the latest in science-based weight management strategies and information to help you lead your happiest and healthiest life. Some highlights from the YWM2018, include:

  • “Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?” with Kevin Hall, PhD;
  • “Can Exercise Remodel Your Metabolism?” with Jim Hill, PhD;
  • “Finding Your ‘Sweet Spot’ in Nutrition” with Cassie I. Story, RDN;
  • “Weight-loss vs. Body Positivity: Making the Ends Meet” with Scott Kahan, MD, MPH; and
  • “Impact of Weight Bias on Your Health: Steps to Rejecting Self-Stigma” with Rebecca Pearl, PhD.

YWM SessionReady to make your plans to attend? You won’t have to wait long! Registration and Housing opens March 5! To view the full Agenda and to start planning your trip to Denver, click here.




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