Finding Knowledge, Confidence and Strength – My YWM Scholarship Story

In 2014, I had the fantastic opportunity to receive an OAC Your Weight Matters National Convention Scholarship to attend the conference in Orlando, Florida. Without that scholarship, it would have been impossible for me to attend because I am a teacher in a rural area and funds are always tight at home.

Being able to attend the Convention that year made a major impact in my life. Not only did I learn wonderful ideas about healthy habits and exercise, but I also learned that my journey was only beginning. I collected information, giveaways and samples from every vendor at the health fair, and I brought all of that information back and shared it with my local support group. I was also able to be the speaker of the night at my local support group in December 2014, and I shared what I had learned about “NEAT” exercise throughout the day, yoga breathing to relieve stress and how much positive thoughts can improve and sustain good health.

If I could say one thing about why my Convention scholarship had an impact of my life, it is that it gave me the knowledge, confidence and strength to open up and share with other people who are afraid and unable to figure out how to defeat the disease of obesity. I continue to share my story, my tips and my experiences with anyone who will listen. I encourage each of you to support this wonderful organization both as a member and as a scholarship donor.

Jennifer Shoalmire,
YWM2014 Scholarship Recipient

To learn more about the Your Weight Matters National Convention Scholarship Program and the opportunities it provides, please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to help someone Take their Health to New Heights and make a donation to the OAC’s Convention Scholarship Fund, please CLICK HERE!

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