YWM2018 Took Attendees Health to New Heights!

OAC hosted its 7th Annual Your Weight Matters (YWM2018) National Convention in Denver. OAC’s Convention has continued to invest in the health journeys of all its attendees, as well as ALL who have ever experienced challenges with weight. The Convention has always been renowned for its quality weight/health education, but at YWM2018, a different kind of message filled the space: the power of community and in helping others is what truly brings us to new heights!

With more than 500 individuals in attendance, YWM2018 saw our most passionate and engaged audience of health advocates yet! Attendees from all walks of life did more than simply absorb helpful education to guide them in their individual health journeys. They uncovered their unique voices, identified new passions and became empowered.

As a true testament to this newfound passion and momentum, OAC is honored to have trained close to 100 new advocates who are ready to lead the charge in taking action on behalf of the more than 93 million Americans affected by obesity across the United States.

But beyond this impressive number, OAC witnessed something even more organic. New and old faces alike caught a glimpse at their potential. From traveling on an airplane for the first time just to attend YWM2018 to voicing a personal story or experience out loud, lives were truly impacted by the experience of entering a community that prioritized health, respect and happiness over the size of one’s body or a specific number on the scale.

The resounding theme of this year was action, and at YWM2018, attendees learned that action is possible in so many different ways. Whether it’s taking the next healthy step in your individual journey, speaking to a representative of Congress about obesity care, passing-out OAC resources in your town/city or simply being a voice of support to someone else, all action makes a difference.

YWM2018 saw attendees representing diverse backgrounds in 34 U.S. states and six different countries. Yes – SIX countries! Some came to learn more about improving their health while others arrived seeking renewed inspiration or motivation. Healthcare providers from different specialties and sought-after health experts also joined the mix, as well as key thought leaders and industry professionals from around the country and globe.

Everyone had different motivations for attending, but all felt the unified sense of support, empowerment and community that was fostered in Denver. Taking our health to new heights may be challenging, but working together helps us reach the summit!

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