What Does Taking Action Mean to You?

Action is a powerful word, but it’s not something to be afraid of. In fact, the word action means many things to different people, and that’s okay.

To the OAC, taking action means making positive, lasting change in the lives of individuals who struggle with weight and/or obesity. It means making a difference in the world for all people who are affected, whether it’s through education, advocacy, support or awareness.

To someone else, taking action could mean something entirely different. Maybe it’s simply taking action with your own health and making positive steps forward with your weight management journey. Or, maybe it’s simply making a difference (big or small) in the lives of others – whether it’s in your friends’ lives, your family or in your very own community.

For this year’s YWM2018 Social Media Campaign, we are asking YOU:

What does taking action mean to you? The theme for this year’s Your Weight Matters National Convention is all about taking our health to new heights.

However, we’re also going to be talking about the power of taking action and what that looks like for individual people – for the everyday individual looking to make positive changes in their  life and for the people around them, to the individual who wants to take action for ALL people who struggle with weight and/or obesity. We recognize that the answers to this question look different all across the Board, so we want to know… what does taking action mean to you?

Our goal is to showcase the many ways that taking action is possible. It’s not always about going to Capitol Hill and advocating for change on the National level. It’s also the simple things you can do in your personal life and in the lives of people around you. Ultimately, we want to EMPOWER people to take action and encourage them to BELIEVE they can truly make a difference!

Here’s what we want you to do:

Using visual media in either photo or video form (but preferrable both!), show us what taking action means to you by sending in TWO submissions:

1.     How do you take action for YOU in your own weight/health journey?

2.     How do you take action in the lives of others? (Big or small ways)

To send in your submissions, email [email protected]. Thank you!